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Arbor Group is a premier video production company located in St. Louis. Missouri. As a producer and director based production company, we are known in particular for our skills in handling real people as well as professional talent, for being top lifestyle directors, and for buttoned-up productions.


Comedy is the ultimate test of Short Form.  All the elements have to work perfectly in sync: directing, casting, editorial.  It all must integrate flawlessly within a finite time limit.


Working with kids can be a challenge. It takes extra effort in casting. It takes knowing how to develop a special trust so they can perform at their best.

Beautiful tabletop looks deceptively easy and yet requires a very intuitive, collaborative, working relationship among the Director, DP and Food Stylist. Our directors know how food styling, setting and lighting can combine to generate maximum appetite appeal.  It is not just about compelling table-top but how it is integrated with eye-catching, lifestyle production.



We create stellar Long Form stories, bringing tremendous production value to any size budget.  Training, recruitment, fundraising, company capability, education, investor relations and marketing videos are a few genres that we have tackled and created great results.

4272 Flora Place

St. Louis, MO  63110

314-606-3270, 314-517-8525

The  Arbor Group, Inc.

Producing - Directing - Editorial - Motion Graphics - Consulting

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A faithful vision for your finished project depends on great post, Our editors will ensure that you have the best that post production can bring to a project and that your commercial or program has a  compelling look, feel and pace, while meeting the highest technical standards. Our post team is expert at blending 2D and motion graphic design to maximize visual impact. We are proficient in both 2-D and 3-D animation.


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